The NSW State Government committed to a $2.2 billion Housing and Infrastructure Plan in its 2023-24 budget, announced on 19 September.

Hunter Community Housing welcomes any government investment in housing and looks forward to working with NSW Government to deliver affordable housing to support those in need.  In particular, we acknowledge the hope provided through the allocation of:

  • $300 million reinvested in Landcom, a government-owned property developer, to accelerate the construction of thousands of new homes; and
  • the previously announced Essential Housing Package, with $224 million allocated to deliver more affordable and social housing and provide better outcomes for public and social housing tenants.

Additionally, we note the great potential of the $9.1m allocated to assessing housing supply opportunities across government-owned sites and we look forward to future investment in social housing identified through that process.

It was reassuring to hear the initial details on the NSW Government’s plans to allocate funds from the Commonwealth’s Social Housing Accelerator, including a portion for Community Housing Providers through the Community Housing Innovation Fund, and we look forward to learning more on this important program of work.

These continued investments hold great promise for addressing the state’s housing crisis and to relieving some of the enduring pressures placed on NSW residents.